Our company

Experience since 1998

Over 260 clients

Romanian and foreign legislation

Flexible prices

Fincont team is a well-known group of accountant experts and financial advisers with theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to help you get fast and substantial benefit of our mutual collaboration.

Our company was founded in 1998, acquiring since then experience in order to resolve consulting and accounting problems raised every month by more than 230 clients, whose activities and capital structures are different.

We have a solid experience earned during the collaboration with different representative offices of foreign companies, who had special requirements in the field of financial reporting and fiscal consulting. In the same time, due to constant lobby activities, Fincont is enjoying of good professional relations with the Financial Administration and other public institutions.

About us

For more than ten years, Fincont acted for the development of a first class portfolio, including international and national, private and public companies.

In the past, we administrated many cases deriving from commercial and credit relations between an auxiliary company and the mother-company and we are proud that we can harmonize the Romanian financial legislation with the foreign one.

We understand the desire of our clients to have precise and accurate accounting services, expedience and confidentiality and fair prices. Therefore, Fincont has a price policy that is flexible and perfectly adjusted to the labor volume and expertise, correlated with the clients' activities and their specific requests.

We have faith that our activity supports our clients in achieving the purpose of their business, helping them to improve the decisions of the management and its focusing on the company's projects.

All offered services
  • Professional accounting services
  • Economic-financial and fiscal consulting
  • Personnel services
  • Taxes and liabilities
  • Other services not included in the contract

Our company keeps the professional secret and you can be sure that all data we have access to, remain confidential.

We add also the fact that we provide our clients with monthly reports regarding the modifications occurred in the fiscal and financial-accounting legislation.

All our company's provider-client relations are based on a firm contract with rights and obligations very clearly defined. We take responsibility for all our provided services. The company policy regarding the price is very flexible and perfectly adjusted to the labor volume and the clients' requests.